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Fascinator Design

A fascinator or a hat?

The fascinator is a type of formal headpiece worn as an alternative to the hat. The fascinator can be dated as far back to when Marie Antoinette {1700s} fashioned ostrich feathers to decorate one’s hair. A little closer to the present day – In the 1950/1960’s ladies wore tiny hats perched on the side of one’s heads…otherwise known as cocktail hats. All types of fascinators. Not such a modern fashion statement as we may have thought!

The main difference of wearing a fascinator/headpiece in comparison to a hat is the fascinator is purely ornamental and worn using a clip, hair comb, headband, or elastic. They can be used to create bold or subtle statements for that important finish to your outfit, as a  full stop is to a sentence! Perfect for ladies who are not quite so comfortable with wearing hats.

Bespoke fascinators designed for you…

Small Bespoke Fascinator
from £60.00
Medium Bespoke Fascinator
from £85.00
Large Bespoke Fascinator
from £125.00

We design accordingly to suit your style of hair, outfit, face shape and most importantly personality.  We can advise or be led, allowing you to enjoy your exciting journey towards the quintessential finish for that special occasion.


We are always delighted to receive compliments and feedback on our fascinator designs. The biggest compliments are always when we are told that the reason for the customer’s visit, is that we have been recommended by a friend, relative, or colleague.

For more information on what people say about our fascinator design, please see our testimonials section.